Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Good GOD and the Bad world

The Day humanity realizes that there is only ONE GOD and  he is the true creator of this world, that day all our miseries will come to an end. Well that might not be enough because the supreme creator needed from us is to love and respect each other.  Time to time the Supreme Lord has sent his demi gods to this ailing planet to reestablish the faith in him and to assure humanity that he is with them and for them, all we needed is to have faith in him and love him. 

Love is same what we need from our children, want them to be on the right path, to respect each other and to be discipline in life. A small example he has set for us to learn from everyday. Still people ask  Does god really exist has any one seen the God.
Well if  you ask you  DAD for something and he does not sanction it due to may reasons, that means he does not exist for you - he is still physically there for you but that's not his objective for you. Well the same way the creator has set objectives for his children and he wants them to achieve it through his demi gods which are present there for all the religions and languages but still we doubt him.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Windows of hope!!

The lonely passages of the corridor, the shiny flooring and the continuous lamps, yes I have been witnessing them from last few days as I push the wheel chair of my wife to give her some relief walking after her painful treatment. The life on the floor has the same destiny for all the patients getting treated. Whats the hope? The hope lies in each room with its big windows facing the square yard territory of the hospital. As human we tend to see the other side of the coin, while walking I could not stop peeping inside each room and realised each room has its window of hope and that is how it has been destined. Well lets talk a bit about these windows which faces the city, the railway lines, the green corridor and the apartments attached to the hospital. Each has a unique view and vibrancy which makes the room lit up differently. Well when a soul is in pain the most important thing he ask for is not money but for these windows which give him the hope to see the beautiful world outside, but as mind gets stronger than the silence these windows stays where they are forgotten until you visit them again.

The windows of hope give relief when the trees behind them pushes the leaves to get a smile on your face, when the city skyline brings the metro on the track to make you enjoy the mobility and the vastness of buildings, when the railways pushes itself through the green corridor between the trees and bushes, and when you see kids watching you through their apartments wondering what behind those big windows. Yes the windows of hope.

Written by Sandeep Virmani UX Specialist / August, 02/2016 / 6:00PM 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. The process of creating infographics can be referred to as data visualization, information design, or information architecture.  (Wikipedia)

Basic Rules:
  1. Show the design through data visualization which depicts a story. 
  2. Make your design appealing to the senses, each part within, must be integrated with the parent design.
  3. Use a vector software to create your design, keep the graphics and text layers separately
  4. Always consider to style your infographics with icons and graphics depicting the theme.
  5. Avoid relying too much on typography, show different ways of depicting numbers and numeric signs like plus, minus or percentage. Use basic features like creative pie charts, bar graphs.
  6. Use typography for headings and titles, to grasp attention. 
  7. Break your data into meaningful headings via strong and catchy titles, supporting different parts of your info graphics. 
How to start designing:
  1. Prototyping the infographic is the best way to start. Break you data into meaningful layout and start doing the paper sketch. Visualize as you are putting the sketch and fill pencil colors into your data to see how the concept is building up. This will save you lot of time, to realign your mistakes.
  2. Start with the beginning concept, the middle information and the ending concept, this will open up a meaningful insight for the user.
  3. Identify each section of your infographic with a different color breaks. Avoid repetitious design.
  4. Make sure to highlight the "key take away" of your infographic as the center of attraction, as this is what the user is looking for. Make sure the "key take away" becomes the center part of your graphic.
  5. Avoid using dark colors or typical gradients with glow effects. Also try "not to use" typical white backgrounds,which might fail to address the starting and the ending point of your graphic. 
  6. Stick to a three color palette, make the lightest as your background, the other two could depict the content. You can also use lighter tones of your primary colors to fill the other color gaps.
  7. Use the online color picker websites like Adobe Kuler etc. to make your palette.
Content rewritten by Sandeep Virmani
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One day from your Life!

I don't know the exact reason what happened few years back, but I can feel the gap now. I was quiet too fast to build a duplicate world. Now I have it, the two worlds to handle one which is created by me and the one which god created for me.

I call my world the duplicate, because it overlaps all the happiness which god had planned for me.

It is you who reminds me the moments, we could have spent, and the life we could have lived, but next what I have? is to live up to this world I created for myself.

There is happiness here because he the god has a part to play, there are moments to be remembered from here because the moments are there which reflects. There is life which I live here because I created the one, the one I call the duplicate.

All what I can ask you is that one day from your life, that one moment which make me meet my real world, the world he created for me, some where hidden, yet to be find.

All what I can ask you is that one day from your make me meet myself and you whom god created for me.

Love Sandeep

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Death Trajectory

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock trapped between the stillness of life, nor in meditation nor in blackout he works completely in an out.

Nor fresh air, nor stale smog, he sits in one congested square, nor birds singing, nor winds humming, all he hears is the clock pinging Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Nor sunlight, nor sunset, he works far off from what all gets, the natural process is not his style, he is designed to work amid the tiles, and ubiquitously the clock flies Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Nor Food for life, or drinks to gratify, he picks on loads to fill his neither appetite, nor energy he gains or quality he retains, strive to the clock which always talk Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Life like machine, living in his neither attitude, nor time he gets to sport, nor time for privileged journey. Soul on a single track, the bed to sleep and the square to keep, sounds the ugly clock Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

He has one wife, and a sweet son, and she just realized that his dad is no more fun. Lost in his observation and out of full attention, he lives by the click which sounds Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Windows are dark and windows are bright, but her love is now just out of sight. Pledges were taken and life once awakens, but those days are now avidly shaken by Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Empty his house; Empty his life, no one left to rejoice his flight. Billions he earned and Billons he dare, love ones have gone not to enjoy their share. The walls with frames now have dust of shame. Departed with sun and Departed with moon, Life did gaze at that empty roof. Silence in his home and Silence in his cadaver, spirit on its way to forgive him never.

Found between the silences of existence. Life external life gives him full attention, nor does he care the clock nor does he bear the click, once mislaid his life in Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flashback Childhood Days

Fifteen years of my childhood spent in this beautiful valley so close to my heart so close to my memories drives backwards my soul to live that era again.

Green trees and red leaves, lonely paths with cock-crow sunshine, small valley with fresh mountains the heart with a serene lake, is all what I remember when I recollect the memories of my childhood days.

I belong to the nature’s paradise located on a small hill station of Uttaranchal. Nainital is the name of my beautiful town the name one must have heard several times, whenever planning to visit a hill station in north India.

The blue winters with snowfall, with a sheet of black and white memories, those warm peanuts cracking in your mouth and the numbness of your hands.Walking across the beautiful Naini Lake and talking to the impulsive waves, those hazy and windy months, with flying crows and birds like drunk.

The autumns in the swathe of plovers, still glances for some warmth from the golden sunrise, walking across the pathways just flowing out of the unpolluted terrain. The unspoken paths and the wintry rocks folds each bend of your journey to suspense, walking across the valley covered by the bushy trees and chasing the golden rays as waking towards heaven.

The festive seasons holds its warmth, with twilight sparkling across the season, the moonlight covering the city with the diminutive colorful bulbs hanging across the soundless mountains. Glowing illumination floating with the waves of the water makes the evening signing in its glory. The stars touching the crest and the winds making the resonance brings the joy of life in the serene valley of festivals.

The bright summers brings the joy of life, makes the valley crowded with colorful kids and sparking couples singing in joy.The old in their youth with a click of a morning walk, feeling the warmth of the valley.

The purity of those days is there just in my memories; living in a fast paced world surrounded by unfulfilled errands, wall of aspiration now always throttle me, to complete my obligation which trapped my simplicity. Some day, I will set out to the heaven I have found on earth and live by my memories which I glimpse deep in my heart today.

Fifteen years of my childhood spent in this beautiful valley so close to my heart so close to my memories drives backwards my soul to live that era again

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tribute To Dr YSR Reddy:: ::The Andhra's Hero

The beloved and the departed DR Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy (YSR) was the tallest leader National Congress have witnessed in Andhra. He was the second son of Sri Raja Reddy. Dr YSR was born on Eighth of July 1949. He graduated in medical science from M.R.COLLEGE OF GULBARGA He did his House-Surgeoncy in SV Medical college, Tirupathy. After completing MBBS he served as Medical Officer at CSI Campbell Hospital, Jammalamadugu or a brief period.Dr YSR got married to Smt.Vijayalakshmi in 1971 and is blessed with a son and a daughter. Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, a medical doctor by profession,entered active politics in 1978. He contested in four elections to be a part of the State Legislative Assembly and contested the same number of times to become a Member of the Lower House of Parliament. Dr YSR had won all the elections in which he had participated. He had an eventful 25-year political career which he started as a samithi president and later served as a youth congress leader. At the age of 28, he won the ensuring elections in the year 1978 with the ticket of the Indian National Congress. For a brief period he served as minister in Tanguturi Anjaiah cabinet. Then the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi entrusted the potential leader with as the Pradesh Congress Committee president at the age of 34. For four times Dr. Reddy represented Kadapa constituency as Member of Parliament of India and as a Member of Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh and also same number of times from the Pulivendula constituency. The timeline of his political career unfolds the fact that Dr YSR Reddy had never lost a single election.

From the beginning Dr. Reddy had been a champion of reforms with a human face.It is this humane principle that prompted him to take pioneering steps to ensure delivery services,benefits and initiatives for total redressal of the problem.Within an hour of his taking oath as chief minister at Lal Bahadur Stadium in May 2004 heannounced waiver of electricity dues of poor farmers and also Free power for agriculture. Thereafter followed his program to permanently eradicate rural poverty and give assured water to allcultivable lands in the state.The Indira Kranti Patham, Jalayajnam, Indiramma, Bhoo Yajnam, Bhoo Bharati are among theflagship programs of YSR government aimed at eradicating rural and urban poverty, giveland to landless, houses to all and also construct irrigation projects to provide assured water toall lands. Rajiv Swagriha is yet another project that Dr.Y.S.R. launched, to see that every middleincome group family would own a house. Under Arogya Sri programme, a novel healthinsurance scheme is introduced for the BPL families, so that the poor could get surgery treatmentworth upto Rs.2lakhs, while the govt. would pay the total premium.“We are taking external loans for productive purposes and raising internal resources also"says YSR replying to oft sought clarification on how he raised funds for all projects .Dr.Reddy has not relegated social welfare sector in his zeal for key programs like free-power toagriculture, massive Irrigation projects, land distribution to landless and Housing for poor. “TheSC/ST, Minorities and women besides elderly persons get a larger share of the budget than in thepast. We have not forgotten our principle duties to the society- primary health, primaryeducation, in our pursuit for achieving sustainable development of Industry, Agriculture, smallscale sector, IT, BT and textiles" he told the global audience at the ADB meetings in Hyderabad during May 2006.
Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy died in a helicopter crash in the dense Nallamala forest on 3rd of September, 2009. His unexpected death has been a loss not only to the state of Andhra Pradesh but also to the entire country as a whole. On 2nd of September, 2009, Dr Reddy's helicopter went missing at around 9. 35 a.m. and were broken from all kinds of communication.Finally the destroyed chopper could be spotted only after 24 hours of the incident. As the wrecked copter was discovered it was found that all the passengers aboard including the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh had died. All the national leaders have expressed deep grievance on the death of the great persona Dr. Y.S Rajsekhar Reddy.