Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One day from your Life!

I don't know the exact reason what happened few years back, but I can feel the gap now. I was quiet too fast to build a duplicate world. Now I have it, the two worlds to handle one which is created by me and the one which god created for me.

I call my world the duplicate, because it overlaps all the happiness which god had planned for me.

It is you who reminds me the moments, we could have spent, and the life we could have lived, but next what I have? is to live up to this world I created for myself.

There is happiness here because he the god has a part to play, there are moments to be remembered from here because the moments are there which reflects. There is life which I live here because I created the one, the one I call the duplicate.

All what I can ask you is that one day from your life, that one moment which make me meet my real world, the world he created for me, some where hidden, yet to be find.

All what I can ask you is that one day from your life....to make me meet myself and you whom god created for me.

Love Sandeep


Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful. y did u stop blogging? u should write more often. please write something new.

Sandeep Virmani said...

Thank you very much. I like your comment and that has inspired me to write more. I have few things in mind and will publish them soon.

" Anonymous comments are like a pinch of sweetness/and bitterness ... really does not matter where they come from but they make a difference"

Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have been in a romantic mood while writing this timeless piece! Is this for a girl?