Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Windows of hope!!

The lonely passages of the corridor, the shiny flooring and the continuous lamps, yes I have been witnessing them from last few days as I push the wheel chair of my wife to give her some relief walking after her painful treatment. The life on the floor has the same destiny for all the patients getting treated. Whats the hope? The hope lies in each room with its big windows facing the square yard territory of the hospital. As human we tend to see the other side of the coin, while walking I could not stop peeping inside each room and realised each room has its window of hope and that is how it has been destined. Well lets talk a bit about these windows which faces the city, the railway lines, the green corridor and the apartments attached to the hospital. Each has a unique view and vibrancy which makes the room lit up differently. Well when a soul is in pain the most important thing he ask for is not money but for these windows which give him the hope to see the beautiful world outside, but as mind gets stronger than the silence these windows stays where they are forgotten until you visit them again.

The windows of hope give relief when the trees behind them pushes the leaves to get a smile on your face, when the city skyline brings the metro on the track to make you enjoy the mobility and the vastness of buildings, when the railways pushes itself through the green corridor between the trees and bushes, and when you see kids watching you through their apartments wondering what behind those big windows. Yes the windows of hope.

Written by Sandeep Virmani UX Specialist / August, 02/2016 / 6:00PM 

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