Friday, December 05, 2008

User Interface Design

What does UI Design mean?

In simple words as I put it "Interacting with ideas and information, transformed through the medium of visual communication, enhancing the user experience."

What is interesting to know is how we can successfully communicate ideas through User Interface Design. It is important to use the correct methodology and some basic principles.

As always any design is made for his user. It is important to do a User Profiling. This will give you correct information about who your user is.
There are specific goals associated to any user, and to filter the same can make your job easy in implementing a design for your user.
Technically speaking the communication link which is directly between the end user and developers, can radically transform the development process.

To be continue…….

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Travel Experience: Domestic Airlines in India

Air travel can give you a little edginess, if punctuality, pricing and service are not in place. After all why do you travel by air just to save time, Aaha!!! I mean lot of your time.

I am a frequent flyer from Hyderabad-Delhi-Hyderabad since last four years and have my own kind of experiences with different airlines. Well long back I had an opportunity to travel with Air Deccan or Simply Deccan also knows as “Dhakkan Airlines”, but I was lucky to have that flight cancelled. Fortunately in my flying history, I never traveled in Air Deccan and I think I will missed that opportunity.

Since then I have two trustable airlines which are economical in nature and offer good services.

I would like to start with Spice jet. Its one of my favorite airline, prices are cheap, services are good, and the flight is always punctual. What else you need.

Recently I was traveling from Hyderabad to Delhi in an evening flight. I was sitting in the front seat and was feeling little uneasy due to slight headache, also I had not eaten anything since a long time. I requested for medicine and I was offered food before that, and after consultation I was offer a better medicine, notifying me about the expiry.

It was a small favor but the way it was handled I was impressed which made me feel better after few minutes and enjoyed my flight. These small favors leave everlasting taste in our life and we remember it for long.

***** Economical / Caring Airlines / Punctual

The other favorite airline is INDIGO. Hmmm!! The flight prices vary but when they are in par with Spice Jet I like to travel in these too. Here too the services are good, and the flight is always punctual. The best memories remind me of the Sitting comfort and the food offered, although expensive but the quality is too good. Some how I find Indigo airplanes more tidy and sparkling from inside, giving you a corporate feel.

***** Clean and Tidy / Comfortable seating / Punctual

I have not traveled much in Kingfisher and Jet Air but I have a decent respect for these airlines and I would like to travel more in these and receive their goodies but only when they are economical to fly.

The other airlines experience is of GO air from Bombay which was good.

Some bad experience air travel experience was with Air Sahara / Jetlite, all aircraft need maintenance, and the food quality needs improvement.

Air India the most expensive airline, with very average service and food quality certainly needs improvement.

Sandeep Virmani

Friday, May 16, 2008

Times of India E-paper

Do we really need to buy newspaper after this……?

Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai all cities newspaper Live on your screen.

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