Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Good GOD and the Bad world

The Day humanity realizes that there is only ONE GOD and  he is the true creator of this world, that day all our miseries will come to an end. Well that might not be enough because the supreme creator needed from us is to love and respect each other.  Time to time the Supreme Lord has sent his demi gods to this ailing planet to reestablish the faith in him and to assure humanity that he is with them and for them, all we needed is to have faith in him and love him. 

Love is same what we need from our children, want them to be on the right path, to respect each other and to be discipline in life. A small example he has set for us to learn from everyday. Still people ask  Does god really exist has any one seen the God.
Well if  you ask you  DAD for something and he does not sanction it due to may reasons, that means he does not exist for you - he is still physically there for you but that's not his objective for you. Well the same way the creator has set objectives for his children and he wants them to achieve it through his demi gods which are present there for all the religions and languages but still we doubt him.

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